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I want to play again

August 16, 2007 by Dustin Swanson · 1 Comment · reflections

It is hard to imagine, but another summer holiday has nearly come to a close. Only two weeks until I step back into my office and the classroom for another school year. Teaching can be a strange profession. Where else do you get 30 “do-overs”, “mulligans”, and opportunities to “play again”? As a somewhat dark joke, I sometimes tell students who are experiencing hardships at school that at least they can get out in a year or two…imagine what it is like for their teachers who not only suffer through it once but are stuck in high school for 30 more years :) Seriously though, having the opportunity to start fresh and write a new “page” is a unique and wonderful attribute to the profession. I’m certainly looking forward to the upcoming school year. It’s exciting to think about what I might improve upon in my practice and what new experiences I’ll have – even if they are challenging. In particular, I’m looking forward to continuing my work on helping to engage all students. To me this is an area where schools can make a huge difference in the culture and climate of their buildings. We often think about what teachers, administrators, and school systems can do to help engage students. However, what about the role of students or student groups, such as student leadership, in fostering a more engaging school environment? This is something I hope to investigate this year.

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  • Dean Shareski

    So glad you’re back….my reader has been void of Prairie South voices.

    Love the idea of providing students with the responsibility in their education. It’s not part of their/our culture. This is a big challenge but one I’m willing to help with where I can.

    It will continue to challenge our ideas about control and structure. I just think we don’t have a choice anymore.

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