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When did your world go flat?

February 7, 2007 by Dustin Swanson · 4 Comments · learning, reflections

I was introduced to Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” by one of division’s consultants, Dean Shareski, about two years ago. At first, some of the ideas were hard to internalize because they really disrupted my reality. However, over time, I have become more familiar with his work through experiences in grad studies, reading blogs, and hearing Dean and others speak about the topic. However, to date, I have yet to actually read the book – but it is on the list.

Yesterday I had my own little “flattening” epiphany while participating in a online connectivism online conference. I was truly stunned by similarities around the globe in how schools are challenged by a data and connection rich reality. Over 1300 teachers, administrators, researchers, and others from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Japan, China, and so forth all talking about how connectivity is changing learning. It truly opened my eyes to how small our big world can become when we connect. So, when did your world go flat?

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  • scottie

    If you were awed by Friedman’s Flat,
    please check out

    Best wishes,

  • kwhobbes


    My world went flat in January of this year. As I began blogging, I realized that my world was no longer limited to those around me but could include anyone who read my blog. Now, after being in SL for awhile, the world has become a bit flatter for me as people from around the world begin to ask me questions and seek information from me as I do the same from them. As I listen and take part in different online conferences and SL classes, I see so many possibliities. However, just because I see the world as flat, does not mean that others see it this way. Helping others see the possiblilites and exposing them to the “flatness” will require thos of us already seeing the world in this manner to be open and share our experiences. If you go to SL, look up Kelv Chevalier. Maybe we can chat!

  • Elona

    Ok, I give up. What is SL?

  • Dustin Swanson

    I wondered the same thing. It stands for Second Life ( – a 3-D virtual world. According to the site there are 4 million users.

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